Canadian Folk/Punk Music 

In 2016, Dan Rae and his wife, Asjia Papineau, rallied together some of their friends and formed a 6 piece Folk/Punk band based out of Ottawa, Ontario called Bastards and the Buzzards. With influence from genres like Folk, Metal, Bluegrass, Blues and Punk, to name a few, a ruckus, unique sound was formed that matched no other. After some time in the music scene and some inner turmoil, the band was whittled back down to a 2 piece at which point remaining and original members, Dan and Asjia decided to hit the road and take their music through Canada, to BC. After playing shows around Vancouver for 7 months and touring back to Ottawa, Clint Towns joined and turned the duo into a power trio. Since the release of their first full length album in 2022 and touring it through Ontario, they're on their way to making the recording studio and the road, their new home. It's often said their sound is a lot fuller than it looks. The way it looks is like three people with acoustic instruments, but, be dammed if they don't give the crowd every bit of Blood and Sweat they've got.  

  Dan Gordon Rae 


Pulling triple duty with some explosive, goose bump inducing vocals, guitar playing like a chainsaw with muscles and percussion at his feet cause they weren't busy anyway. 

Asjia Papineau 


With soaring, harmonic riffs to compliment the rough edges like an Angel amidst two slobbering demons. 

Clint Towns 

Up-right Bass 

Clawing away at gut strings, abusing the hell outta the fret board like it's his dance partner with a death wish.