1. Family Ties


A need for more than we were taught
Cut from the same cloth
And we never could know
Anything the lord above didn't show
So we took to the streets
With separate paths at our feet
Tangled in weeds that come
From both above and beneath
Well the devil didn't put us here
But God sure as hell didn't help
We only wanted paradise but
Didn't like the cards we were dealt

I've laid awake many nights
Wondering why
I had to be so blind
Young with spotless minds
Burning in the light
The darkness gives us sight X2

So we swallowed the life
It burned in our bellies deep
I wanted to go back to the dream but
Couldn't put myself back to sleep
Playing killing games with our toys
Sit and watch from the side
Innocents not lost by our own minds
But by the hands of your kind
I wish I knew then what I know now
Catching frogs on the deck
I need not your cowardly tools
Only my bare hands around his goddamn neck